What is a Website Control Sheet?

For all Piggybank Technology projects, we give you a "Website Control Sheet" so you have all your passwords in 1 place. This document is the critical piece you need to have complete ownership and control of your website.

If you don't have one, make sure you have all the passwords, and access instructions, otherwise, you are at the mercy of your "web guy". Every week, we talk to someone who doesn't have their passwords, or access to their web files.

The website control sheet is your insurance that your site is in your control - even if you don't understand it - the new "web guy" should.

These are the login and passwords you need to have:

  • email (for each address)
  • Domain Registrar (like Godaddy)
  • FTP
  • Cpanel (if you are cpanel hosted)
  • Joomla or Wordpress Administrator (super user) (or whatever cms you have)
  • Google Analytics and other Google Accounts (adwords or analytics)

A typical scenario is this: A website is bought from a company, and "everything is included", but the problem is, the domain is in the "web guys" control (and ownership), and the content is actually owned by the designer. The client wants to upgrade, or the "web guy" is out of business, and the client is stuck with nothing! That can put you out of business.

For more information, please download and read our ebook.