How to Create a Vacation Email Response

A vacation email response is helpful when you will not be around or have access to a computer while away. It will automatically reply to any messages you recieve.

Go to You'll see this screen:

Type in your Email Address and Password:

you will then see a button in the top right hand corner that has your email address and an arrow:

click on this button and then choose Autoresponders


Choose Add Autoresponder

Then fill out the information  

Character Set

This option can be left alone.  It tells the recipient of your email what characters are going to be included in your message when they go to display it. 


If someone sends you an email, this sets how long to wait before sending the autoresponder to the recipient gets the autoresponder message again.  


You can set this to the start and end date for the auto responder or leave it to have it run until you cancel it manually. 

Of course if you run into any trouble please don't hesitate to create a ticket or give us a call!