How do I email my contacts?

Sending out mass emails isn’t exactly part of your website, but getting people to sign-up on your site is! We call those sign-up boxes, or opt-in boxes. People are opting to give you their name and Email address in exchange for your offer.

It’s Not The Newsletter That Gets People To Sign-up…

It’s not the opt-in box that gets people to sign-up…it’s the offer! Currently, on our website, we offer people a free copy of our booklet we’ve written called 17 Questions to Ask Before You Buy A Website! It’s something that appeals to our Target Market who are business owners looking to buy, or fix their website. This booklet is a way to further introduce who we are and our philosophy to potential Customers…to start the relationship building. Visitors get this for FREE in exchange for giving us their name and Email address. By adding this kind of ethical bribe, the percentage of visitors to your site who opt-in will go up dramatically!